Falls and Wellbeing Service

The Falls and Wellbeing Service is available to people aged 55 and over who are registered with a Knowsley GP.

Based at the Centre for Independent Living, we are a preventative nurse-led service that helps people who are afraid of falling or at risk of falling.

Our highly experienced team is a single point of contact for falls assessments.

We undertake Health and Environmental assessments in your home and help to identify possible causes of trips and falls. Once assessed you may require further referrals to specialist services and/or equipment or home aids and adaptations.

Specialist services and support could include our Postural Stability Exercise Programme, IKAN Chair Based Exercise & Activity Groups, ICES for Community Equipment, Care and Repair for minor adaptations to your home or the Aids and Adaptations Occupational Therapy Team for a mobility or bathing assessment.

As part of our Falls and Wellbeing Service, we also run a 22 week Postural Stability Exercise Programme which helps to improve overall balance impairment and weakness, helping to significantly reduce the risks of falling

Take a look at one of our Postural Stability Exercise Programmes – click here!


Useful Information

The Falls and Wellbeing Team accept self-referrals as well as referrals from carers and family members – as long as the person being referred gives their consent. Any local service or professional can also refer to our service if the person concerned is aged 55 and over and is registered with a Knowsley GP.

The Falls and Wellbeing Service is based at Knowsley’s Centre for Independent Living and operates a borough wide service Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm.

Call 0151 244 3362/Fax 0151 244 4349

email Fallsand.Wellbeingservice@nwbh.nhs.uk

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