Local Advocacy Services Info Session

Knowsley’s User Led Organsation will be hosting a public information session to find out about a new advocacy service for local people at Knowsley’s Centre for Independent Living, Huyton.

Their community led information sessions are a great way to learn and find out about topics and local issues which affect people with disabilities as well as carers.

Previously, hot topics of discussion and questions at the centre have included Personal Independence Payments, A Guide to Disabled Facility Grants, Work Experience for Young Adults with Disabilities, Power of Attorney, Carers Assessments…and many more.

This month, national Charity Together popping in to give the community group a run down of their support & services available to local people, these services include Carer Advocacy, Mental Health Advocacy, NHS complaints. Members of Knowsley’s User led Organsiation invite local people to come along and take part in lively discussion and debate on Wednesday 25 April from 12.30pm at Knowsley’s Centre for Independent Living, Huyton.

Paula Thompson, KULO Chairperson, welcomes local people with an interest in this topic to come along and added “as per usual we keep things snappy & kick starting with a 20 minute talk/lowdown from Together and then we open the floor to plenty of questions from everybody”.

Your views and experiences are important to us at Knowsley’s Centre for Independent Living