Visual Impairment Service

Delivered under contract by Bradbury Fields Services for Blind and Partially Sighted People on behalf of Knowsley Council.

Who we are

The Visual Impairment Service provides a Rehabilitation service in Knowsley to people who experience non-correctable sight loss.

How can we help?

  • Specialist Assessment

Confidential, friendly and professional service that makes sure you are always at the centre of identifying your needs.

  • Rehabilitation Service

Provides training in the following areas:

–      Daily Living Skills: help to continue doing everyday things.

–      Communication Skills: reading, writing, using information technology.

–      Low Vision: use remaining vision with good lighting, reduced glare, colour contrast and the

       correct use of a magnifier.

–      Mobility: getting out and about independently.

  • Equipment

To promote independence based on your assessed needs.

  • Information, Advice, Signposting to other services
  • Registration

Partially Sighted/Sight Impaired or Blind/Severely Sight Impaired.

  • Activities

The Bradbury Fields Centre in Liverpool offers groups, social and recreational activities which cover a variety of interests.


How to get in touch 

For further assistance you can contact the Knowsley Council Contact Centre on:

0151 443 2600

Your views and experiences are important to us at Knowsley’s Centre for Independent Living